Spotlight on JSI’s Time Critical Control Tower Team

Spotlight on JSI’s Time Critical Control Tower Team

The JSI Control Tower was established in 2013, cementing JSI’s status as a leader in the time critical logistics industry. With headquarters in JSI Philippines, its primary function is to monitor the global expedited shipments of our customers 24×7 and provide real-time milestone updates to all stakeholders involved in each shipment. The Control Tower serves as the JSI worldwide monitoring and reporting center to ensure timely updates are provided to customers and that shipments move as planned.

The Control Tower gets involved from the moment a time-critical shipment is anticipated, working quickly to determine the best flight and route for the shipment. In order to ensure customers achieve their target delivery time and date, the team creates unique solutions by working with Next Flight Out options and other modes of transport available.

The team monitors and reports on key points, including: when the shipment is ready for pick-up; pick up; delivery to the airline; all flight departures and arrivals; Customs clearance; out for delivery; and delivery to final destination. Potential delay possibilities are anticipated and proactively managed, and communicated accordingly when necessary. All these milestones are reported within 15 minutes of them happening in real time.

Similar to an aircraft control tower that directs aircraft on the ground and provides advisory services to aircrafts in the airspace, the JSI Control Tower advises the local JSI offices involved in the shipment of the customer’s requirements and paves the way for a smooth process. The Control Tower also provides advisory services to JSI offices, our worldwide partners, and our customers to ensure not only the fastest, but safest route is selected, with the objective of getting the shipment to its final destination as soon as possible.

Since its creation five years ago, the JSI Control Tower has evolved beyond its original sole function of monitoring shipments. The Control Tower now counts advisory services and project outsourcing to its services, providing extensive support to JSI offices and customers worldwide, and has transformed itself into a business process outsource center for either short or long term projects. For example, the Control Tower was the designated team to kick-off the Denied Party Screening and Sanctioned Country Screening implemented by the JSI Global Compliance Team in 2015. Also in 2015, the Control Tower began actively managing all global RFQs, allowing JSI to begin working for several new customers. By impressing these customers with high quality service, JSI has now become a regular service provider for the majority of their time critical shipments.  In addition to servicing these customers’ time critical needs, the Control Tower also assists in remotely managing offshore warehousing for several major customers.

The Control Tower has completely evolved from providing global customer service via shipment monitoring to becoming an efficient and reliable partner to our customers and JSI offices worldwide.  Because the team operates 24/7 365 days a year, customers can be assured that someone is always monitoring their urgent shipments in real time, ensuring they reach their destination on time.  The Control Tower Team acts as an extended arm of our customers, ensuring their own customers that shipments are actively tracked 24/7.  With reporting that can be customized by milestones that matter to you, the Control Tower makes it possible for you to get the real time updates that provide the most value to your business.

JSI Logistics always strives to offer a complete value-added solution to our customers, achieving this through programs such as insourcing at client sites, quickly developing flex space and providing temporary employees when a client’s volume fluctuates unpredictably, and JSI’s unique Control Tower Team. JSI’s dedication to excellence enables our customers to achieve a competitive advantage in every part of their supply chain.

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