Kitting Services

JSI’s Kitting Services

When orders consist of multiple products from multiple vendors, and they all need to go to the same place, we can kit those together for you. We’ll coordinate the deliveries from multiple vendors and assemble each kit for you. For your peace of mind, you can always keep track of these orders, kitting and deliveries via our proprietary WMS or your own Warehouse Management System. We’re ready to work with you.

Our custom kitting services simplify your shipment preparation by organizing delivery from multiple vendors and creating custom kits to ship to your end destination. Especially when we’re your warehousing provider, utilizing our kitting services makes everything move smoothly.


Fully Customizable



Kitting Services

  • Custom Kitting Designed for Your Product Needs
  • Combine Multiple Products/Packages into Single Packaged Kits
  • All Kits Bar-coded and Linked to Our WMS or Your ERP
  • Individual Components to Creation of new SKU’s
  • Individual Product Serial Number Scanning
  • Custom Labeling and Packaging of Final Kits
  • Kit Localization for Multi-Country Roll Out
  • Inspection Services to Ensure Quality Control
  • Procurement of Packaging Materials
  • Inventory Management

Benefits of Kitting Services

  • Reduced Overhead Cost and Increased Profit Margin
  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Instantaneous Response to Variations in Customers’ Demand
  • Optimize Manufacturing Operations and Production Output
  • Reduced Storage and Inventory Costs
  • Cost Effective Labor Management
  • Remove Time and Labor Costs Coming from Packaging
  • Remove Exposure to Surplus and Obsolete Inventory

Kitting with JSI

When looking for a company to work with kitting your products, keep JSI in mind. JSI’s full service kitting solutions will streamline your supply chain operations, increasing your productivity and efficiency at all stages of your supply chain. Whether it’s boxing, bagging, sorting, labeling, prepping, kitting, or numerous other procedures, JSI provides world-class services to fulfill your kitting needs. We’re designed with simplicity in mind.

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