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JSI’s Warehousing and Distribution Services

The core of a successful business operation revolves around efficient global warehousing and distribution. JSI provides unparalleled service with a focus on flexibility, reliability, quality, and accuracy – employing experienced material handlers and offering scalable staffing options; providing accurate and easily accessible tracking, customized reports, and inventory control online or via your WMS; offering highly integrated value added services; and committing to order accuracy through a variety of protocols designed to ensure we provide service that consistently meets and exceeds what you and your customers expect. JSI knows warehousing logistics and provides distribution you can trust.

JSI offers services for every aspect of your supply chain, excelling in comprehensive global warehousing and distribution designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency. JSI maintains an order accuracy track record that leads the industry, and hires only the most skilled warehouse employees who know what it takes to be an efficient 3PL warehouse and distribution center – they know their way around our facilities and our systems, giving you a more precise experience. JSI is committed to working with your company to understand your distribution requirements and put together a customized solution to fit your needs.


Fully Customizable



Comprehensive and Efficient

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to offer our customers any service they need to keep their business moving forward, which means we offer a complete portfolio of value added warehousing, inventory control, order fulfillment and reverse logistics services. Not only do our warehouses operate at peak efficiency, but each one of our global warehouses is fully capable of providing you with all the distribution services you may need. We’re experts in several industries that require special attention with their warehousing, so we can cater to a variety of needs. We handle all basic warehousing & distribution services, including pick and pack and order fulfillment activities, to the more complex operations of product kitting, customized labeling, serial number capture, repackaging and cross docking / merge-in-transit and other specialized warehouse operations. JSI’s freight services complement these services into or out of our facilities, on budget and on schedule.

Warehousing and Distribution Services

  • Comprehensive, Fully Customized and Scalable Turn-Key Global Distribution Programs
  • Complete Procurement and Management of all Packaging Materials
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protected Work Areas
  • Origin Consolidation and Destination De-consolidation
  • Just In Time / Just In Sequence and VMI Support
  • Customized Labeling and Documentation
  • Specialized Drop Shipment Programs
  • Product Kitting and Repackaging
  • Cross Dock and Merge-In-Transit
  • Climate Controlled Environments
  • Utilizing Industry Best Practices
  • Raw Materials Management
  • Long or Short Term Storage
  • Reverse Logistics
  • High Security Facilities
  • Project Management
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Specialized Options

We offer specialized services for companies who need a more customized, specific type of warehouse environment and service. We’ve been leaders in various industries for 35 years, and our warehousing and distribution solutions are products of that expertise. We offer many specialized options from high security areas, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protected work areas, climate controlled facilities to strategically positioned locations that provide duty / tax benefits. See more about our specialized industries here, or contact us to see what solution we can create for your company.

Warehouse Management System

We have an exceptional web based Warehouse Management System (WMS) that was custom developed from the ground up taking into consideration the many unique requirements of our vast customer base. Our WMS acts as a single portal for inventory control, order fulfillment, reporting and more. Our IT team will set up a WMS that can be fully customized to your company’s exact needs.


Alternatively, unlike many other global logistics providers, JSI remains flexible to utilize our customers ERP solution on site at our facilities. Customers have deployed their leading ERP solutions at JSI locations throughout the world with great success. Our goal is to simplify your warehousing and order fulfillment operations and this is only one facet of the wide range of options available to our customers.

Global WMS Services

  • Manage All Inventory and Order Fulfillment Within a Single Portal
  • Ability to Work Live in Customers ERP/MRP, Through JSI’s WMS or a Combination of Both
  • Ability to Quickly Create Customized Product Labeling and Documentation
  • System Can Be Easily Programmed by Our In-house Team of IT Professionals to Meet Unique Needs


Every company has to start somewhere. We’re scalable and ready to grow and adjust when you are. As your warehousing and distribution needs expand, we can expand with you. As you realize you need to re-evaluate your freight options, we provide them to you. And as your business starts to explore new countries, our Compliance and Customs teams are here to help you. Every step of the way, we’re here to provide solutions to optimize your supply chain.

Realized Benefits

  • Reduce inventory carrying and freight costs
  • Increase end to end visibility in your supply chain
  • Improve inventory and order fulfillment accuracy
  • Save money on operational expenses, fixed overhead and taxes
  • Faster delivery time through strategic product positioning with JSI locations around the world
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