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JSI’s Reverse Logistics Services

When managing the flow of surplus, defective or unused materials, products, or equipment, trust JSI’s reverse logistics services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at JSI, and that’s reflected in everything we do. Our reverse logistics solutions streamline returns and efficiently decrease asset recovery time, meaning less cost and more satisfaction for your business. Maximum asset retrieval, reduced expenses and precise tracking measures allow JSI’s reverse logistics services to optimize your supply chain. When creating a reverse logistics operation with JSI Logistics, you know that you’re trusting the right warehousing and distribution team to navigate the complex and sensitive process of handling returns.


Fully Customizable



Complete Reverse Logistics Solutions

  • Comprehensive Return Material Authorization (RMA) Processes:
    • Receiving Initial Request for Return
    • Validation and Authorization Issuance
    • Organizing Reverse Door to Door Transportation
    • Receipt and Inspection
    • Custom Testing and Reporting
    • Rework and Repair
    • Repackaging
    • Back to Stock / Back to Customer
  • Material Scrapping, Reclaim or Recycle
  • Integrated IT Solutions
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The JSI team has the experience, security, reliability and speed to develop innovative solutions through our global network of experienced professionals and innovative technology. Our reverse logistics services are tailored to meet the specific needs of any size company, from start-up ventures to multinational corporations.

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