Silicon Wafer (Die Bank) Storage Services

Neutral Die Bank Wafer Storage

JSI’s core business was founded 35 years ago on specialized handling for semiconductors and continues to lead the industry today including flexible wafer storage solutions.

We offer a complete solution for wafer fabrication companies

JSI’s highly trained team is well-versed in procedures designed to prevent degradation of the wafers, including procedures for receiving, storing, packing, handling and shipping.

A Better Solution for Wafer Storage

JSI offers a unique, full supply chain solution to semiconductor companies when it comes to wafer storage. JSI’s specialized service allows us to receive the wafers from semi companies, store them in the die bank, then pull and ship them when an order is received by the customer. In addition to this crucial aspect of a customer’s supply chain, JSI is able to provide lot splitting services when you need to ship wafers to multiple assembly houses.

When using multiple suppliers for assembly, some semiconductor companies find that holding a wafer bank makes more sense than storing the wafers at one assembly house. JSI acts as a neutral third party buffer between assembly houses, and is strategically located in a centralized location to lower transportation costs.

Smart Storage

Wafers are stored in a vacuum sealed bag and then placed in dry boxes resistant to humidity.

Controlled Environment

  • Nitrogen purged boxes
  • Dedicated wafer storage room at facility
  • ESD Protected Area

Tangible Benefits

  • Greater agility from further up the supply chain
  • Granular control over wafer inventory
  • Faster and more efficient distribution
  • Strategic locations provide tax benefits and cost savings
  • Keep competing assembly houses separate
  • Lower cost storing bare die rather than packaged components

Added Services

In addition to our storage services, JSI offers high level quality inspections to our semiconductor clients. JSI will perform a thorough visual inspection to check prior to shipping wafers to the assembly houses

JSI’s wafer storage process is a carefully controlled process of receiving, storing, handling, and shipping sensitive wafers.

Highly Secure

  • CCTV
  • Key card secured access
  • Dedicated secure room


  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • Each wafer handler undergoes extensive training
JSI wafer packing vacuum sealed
Nitrogen wafer storage cabinets

Unique Options

  • Neutral centralized location for wafers
  • Neutral third party buffer between assembly houses
  • Offers a place to hold inventory outside of an assembly house or wafer foundry
  • Added visual inspections

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