Product Assembly & Testing

JSI’s Product Assembly and Testing

To make your supply chain even more efficient, JSI Logistics offers product assembly and testing at our facilities. This means you can store your goods with us, have them assembled and tested, packaged, and shipped, all with one facility. Each of our facilities is equipped with the experts and tools needed to facilitate the front and back end of your supply chain.


Fully Customizable



End to End Support

JSI’s assembly and testing services provide our customers with the convenience of a one stop shop for the front end processing of their product, coupled with our complete logistics solutions to fulfill all the back end requirements. We excel in the intricacies of cable and wiring harness assemblies, LED modules and more. Our comprehensive solution includes special care to assemble and test all products designed in safe work spaces and with the equipment to handle more delicate products.

Reliable and Efficient

The JSI team has the experience, security, reliability and speed to develop innovative solutions through our global network of experienced professionals and innovative technology. Our product assembly and testing services are tailored to meet the specific needs of any size company, from start-up ventures to multinational corporations. Get in touch with us to learn more about our product assembly and testing services.

Rework and Packaging

When looking to make your supply chain run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you can count on JSI’s supply chain management services to get the job done. One crucial element in this solution is our rework and repackaging process. Rely on JSI to ensure your supply chain creates a competitive advantage for your business.

Rework and Packaging Services

  • Thorough Product Inspection and Assessment
  • System Level Testing
  • Board Level Testing
  • RMA Inspection, Testing, Sorting, Re-Work
  • Test and Burn-In
  • Repair Damaged Goods
  • Re-label Product Barcodes
  • Reassemble Products as Necessary
  • Quality Control Testing of Reassembled Product
  • Repackage with Quick Turnaround Back into the Supply Chain

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