Singapore’s Strategic Goods Control Act

Singapore’s Strategic Goods Control Act

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Goods control in Singapore is designed to govern shipments of illicit nature through import and export. The Singapore Strategic Goods Control Act (SGCA) includes the Strategic Trade Scheme (STS). The STS offers a program conducive to smart business controls over lawful and legitimate trading of strategically controlled goods, which are not related to the development of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The STS Tier Accreditation structure permits flexibility and control of legitimate traders in the declaration of goods-trading permits.

The STS has a Tiered Accreditation system. This system is designed to facilitate trade by allowing three “tiers” of permit qualifications, in accordance with the standards of the Individual Compliance Programs (ICP).

Tier 1 is the Standard Permit Declaration. Applications for Tier 1 entail a full permit declaration procedure. Permit applications in Tier 1 are reviewed by Singapore Customs. After comprehensive review, approval may or may not be given within seven working days. Prior to approval of the export permit, no shipments may be made.

Tier 2, referred to as the “One-to-Many” permit process, is a partial exemption structure where the accredited trader is granted pre-authorization to ship specific strategic parts to many end-users, or, ship many types of strategic parts to one specific end user. The exemption is granted under the prerequisite that proper screening and controls are applied to the chosen shipment method. Applications for these export permits must be submitted within three days after the strategic goods are exported out of Singapore.

Tier 3, or the “Many-to-Many” system, involves an extended exemption structure. The accredited person or company is granted pre-authorization to ship strategic goods for a sizeable range of products and end users. For companies who import or export goods that fall under “controlled” status, it is imperative to secure a Tier 3 status in order to have the best flow of product.

In order to ensure compliance with Singapore’s Customs regulations, it is crucial to select a reputable logistics provider who is well versed in the SGCA/STS programs. JSI Logistics ( is a top tier global logistics provider with a large presence in Singapore. As a Tier-3 STS accredited company, JSI Logistics is positioned to offer the necessary flexibility and complete support for all logistics needs in a compliant manner. The structure of JSI Logistics’ Tier-3 ICP runs deep into our organization, with multiple departments playing a critical role to ensure proper compliance. At JSI Singapore, our ICP program encompasses our Custom Compliance Team, Screening Team, System Integration Team and Record Keeping Team. These collaborative teams allow JSI Logistics to effectively screen goods, products, end-users, destination countries, report transactions and manage all logistics concerns, to comply with all Singapore Customs requirements.

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