JSI Singapore Celebrates Chinese New Year

JSI Singapore Celebrates Chinese New Year

At the JSI Singapore office, Chinese New Year is celebrated each year with a gift of oranges and a token Ang Bao from the JSI SG management team. This year, Yip Kum Yew, Vice President of JSI Asia, and Alan Tan, GM of JSI Singapore, passed out the Ang Baos and oranges to staff in celebration. The JSI SG team also received two days of public holiday to celebrate the occasion.


Whenever large festivals take place in Singapore, there are often “light ups”. This year marks the Year of the Dog for CNY, so the light up in Chinatown was led by a large floating display of dogs.


Many of our JSI Asia team members, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, celebrate Chinese New Year with the CNY dish yusheng, or “Prosperity Toss”. This is a fun dish made with fish, shredded vegetables, sauces and condiments, with each ingredient symbolizing good wishes for the New Year. As each ingredient is added, auspicious wishes are said, typically related to the ingredient being added. All the ingredients are then tossed together, and it is believed that the higher the toss, the higher the growth in your fortunes!


Happy Chinese New Year!

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