JSI Philippines’ Secured Trucking Program

JSI Philippines’ Secured Trucking Program

By Russel Musa-Binagatan

JSI Philippines conceptualized its Secured Trucking Program in response to customer’s demand to provide a highly secured transportation from their warehouse to the airport.  In September 2017, the JSI secured trucking plan was launched and put into effect.

We provide GPS-equipped vehicles, with a well-oriented transportation crew that includes a fully armed security guard onboard the truck, who communicates with our Central Monitoring Station within a defined, specified period of time.  The truck’s route, location, speed and activity is constantly tracked online by the Central Monitoring Station and maintains an open line of communication with our transportation crew.  Alternate routes are defined in case of emergency. In addition, a crisis management plan and business continuity plan have been put in place to guide both Central Monitoring Station and our transportation crew.  All transportation crew undergo re-training and re-orientation on a regular basis to ensure they are up to date with security protocols and modus operandi.  We believe that security is everyone’s business.  More than having the latest technology in your trucks, nothing beats a thinking person; what is most important is that our transportation crew knows what to do in any unfortunate event.  A customized secured trucking plan is tailor-made to fit a customer’s business requirement.

JSI Philippines’ Secured Transportation Program is your cost-efficient alternative to having an armored van to transport your most valued commodities.  Our secured cargo truck is comparable to an armored van protection, but is more discreet at half the price!


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