Semiconductor Backend Services

Semiconductor Backend Services

As part of our full service logistics solution, we offer a multitude of semiconductor backend services to make your supply chain infinitely more efficient and cost effective.  By having everything stored, shipped, assembled and serviced in the same place, you’re able to cut out many of the additional costs you once experienced when handling your semiconductors. Many of our customers take advantage of backend services like semiconductor dry baking, resealing, testing, and package transfers. You can check out a comprehensive list of our semiconductor backend services below.

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Our Services Include:

  • Tray and Tube to Tape and Reel Package Transfers
  • Dry Bake and Repack Services
  • Semiconductor and Board Level Test Services
  • Chip Programming
  • High Level and Detailed Product Inspection
  • Laser and Ink Marking
  • Wafer Storage in Climate Controlled and Nitrogen Environments
  • Scrapping and Certified Destruction Services

Silicon Wafer Storage

JSI offers comprehensive wafer storage services that include full nitrogen storage cabinets. Many customers appreciate the benefit of utilizing a neutral die bank so that wafers can be quickly pulled and shipped to various assembly houses on demand, bypassing the delays sometimes seen when requesting an assembly house to pull wafers to pack and ship to another competing assembly house. Whether you have needs for long or short term wafer storage, contact JSI today to discuss your needs and how we can help build a program to add value to your WIP supply chain.

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Semiconductor Programming

Chip level programming, another service provided by JSI, enables customers to better manage inventory levels and simplify forecasting. By storing a generic form of your semiconductors, you eliminate having to keep many different pre-programmed chips on hand before a specific order is received from the end customer. We conduct semiconductor programming services on the same premises as where the inventory is stored, lowering the cycle time and transportation costs you might normally have with moving the product from warehouse to a programming site and back to warehouse.

Semiconductor Testing

In our Asia regional headquarters, JSI operates hundreds of automated test machines in a class 100K clean environment. In addition to 100K customer consigned equipment, we also have the ability to operate and maintain almost any other type of customer consigned test equipment. JSI will receive your chip into our inventory after manufacturing and store it until it is ready to ship to your customer. When the chip is ready for shipment, JSI will test its full circuitry to ensure quality product is being shipped to your customer, thereby deferring capital outlay for test services until just prior to shipment. In addition to basic test services, JSI is able to run System Level Test (SLT) to check functionality and performance per specification.

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Semiconductor RMA & Stock Rotation Services

JSI currently manages a large portfolio of semiconductor RMA / Stock Rotation programs. From managing the customer service function of receiving the initial RMA call, processing the request for the RMA, arranging the shipment of the RMA back to our warehouse or to our customer’s location and inspection of the RMA and/or devices under a Stock Rotation, we can take care of it all, even down to inspections at the chip level and filing formal reports. In many cases we can re-bake, re-pack, re-label and place directly back to your stock so the goods are available for new orders immediately. All this saves you a significant amount of freight expenses, especially by keeping the RMA and/or Stock Rotation in or near its country of origin rather than sending to a headquarters location in another part of the world for validation, inspection and repackaging.  In addition to saving in freight cost, you will enjoy a lower staff headcount to manage your overall RMA / Stock Rotation process.

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