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JSI Medical Device Logistics

Whether it’s delivering time critical medical devices or organizing and controlling the logistics of device manufacturing, JSI provides the medical device logistics services you need. Through our established portfolio of customers, JSI has proven expertise in providing logistics services to the medical device industry.

JSI recognizes the medical device industry has moved beyond domestic borders, not only in the sales of products globally, but also to take advantage of R&D, manufacturing and distribution of goods and services. The JSI team has the experience, security, reliability and speed to develop innovative solutions through our global network of experienced professionals and state of the art technology. Our medical device solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of any size company, from start-up ventures to large multinational corporations.

Order Fulfillment Accuracy Rate
In the first 3 months of 2018 JSI had a perfect order fulfillment record in handling and distributing medical devices.


Orders Processed in 3 Months


Items Picked/Packed in 3 Months

For one publicly traded medical device customer alone, we processed 17,862 unique orders in the first 3 months of 2018 alone.

Customized Solutions

The imperative need for careful handling, secure shipping, advanced technology and in some cases life and death critical delivery times, sets the medical device industry apart from all others. JSI offers specific services to meet these unique logistical needs.

diagnostic medical device logistics next to hospital bed

Transportation Solutions

Medical devices require careful handling when transporting. Whether your delivery needs include transporting fragile, temperature sensitive devices or extra large, oddly shaped medical equipment, look no further than JSI. We offer specialized medical device logistics solutions to handle the challenges associated with your unique products.

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Medical Device Transportation Services

Warehousing & Distribution

For companies striving to save money on operational expenses, fixed overhead, and taxes, JSI provides proven success in managing customers’ global distribution supply chains. We custom design our distribution process to ensure that you maintain accurate control of goods. With the option of using your on-site inventory management system or using our comprehensive web based WMS, our warehousing and distribution services generate a strong competitive advantage.

Warehousing & Distribution Services

  • Complete, Turn-Key Warehouse Management and Distribution Services
  • Flexibility to Work from JSI’s WMS or our Customers ERP on a Global Basis
  • Climate Controlled Environments Including Controlled Ambient Temperature Storage (CAT)
  • Able to Work Under our Customers Exact Processes and Procedures or Through JSI’s Established ISO Approved Processes and Procedures
  • Support RMA Products with High Level Inspection and Disposition Handling
medical device for ultra sound

Advanced Technology

Medical devices require superior technology from manufacturing to delivery and every step in-between, which is why JSI’s IT and WMS solutions are ideal for our healthcare customers.


Seamless supply chain management is only possible with the most advanced technology systems in place. By focusing on a user friendly interface, our IT and WMS solutions allow access to what you need instantaneously with the click of a mouse. Our solutions are custom programmed to meet your unique supply chain needs and generate a strong competitive advantage.

Global IT Solutions

  • JSI has a Team of IT Professionals Deployed Throughout the World
  • Comprehensive, Proprietary WMS Software that is Used Globally
    • Manage all Inventory and Order Fulfillment within a Single Portal
    • Ability to Quickly Create Customized Product Labeling and Documentation
    • System can be Easily Programmed by our In-House Team of IT Professionals to Meet Unique Customer Needs
    • JSI’s WMS is HIPAA Compliant and Secure
  • Ability to Work Live in our Clients’ SAP, Oracle and Other Top ERP Systems
  • Robust Online Shipment Tracking
  • Custom Reports Developed for Each Individual Customer
  • Complete EDI Solutions for all Services: Freight, Distribution, Invoicing, etc

Excellence in Quality

For the occasions when you must transport highly confidential or sensitive products, JSI offers specialized security services. These security transport services are designed to ensure your classified cargo arrives securely at its destination.


JSI works hard to make your life easier, by utilizing our secure online tracking tool to effortlessly manage your shipment at any point of transit, from the time it leaves your hands to the moment it’s delivered. We provide easy tracking access through EDI Links, allowing you to remain up to speed at each point of transit that your product moves through.


JSI is an industry leader in security. We are continuously taking new measures to reach and surpass the service standard for the medical device industry. We are ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, and maintain HIPAA compliant systems and employee training. Safe guarding and protecting our customers’ products is JSI’s top priority at all times.


Our swift, secure and reliable medical device logistics solutions are backed by 35 years of expertise, exemplifying JSI’s position in the supply chain management industry. Thus, allowing JSI to attain successful, long term partnerships with companies worldwide. With our dedication to excellence, JSI enables customers to achieve a competitive advantage by adding value to every part of their supply chain operation.

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