LED Lighting Logistics

LED Lighting Logistics

As LED technology creates a migration away from traditional lighting, JSI is working to help optimize the supply chains of LED designers, manufacturers and distributors throughout the world. By delivering custom supply chain solutions to the LED industry, JSI adds tremendous value and helps manage the unique and rapidly changing needs of various companies. The key to our success is simple; we take time to fully understand each customers unique supply chain and then work hard to create solutions that optimize overall costs, time to market and customer satisfaction. JSI views our business relationships as true partnerships. We work with our clients to continually challenge the norm by seeking out areas in the logistics supply chain where improvements can be made through efficient routing techniques, strategic product positioning and customized value added services.

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Customized Solutions

The sensitive logistics for the lighting market can seem overwhelming and full of risks; fortunately for our customers, advanced LEDs have a manufacturing supply chain similar to the semiconductor industry. This has allowed for the JSI team throughout the world to adapt their knowledge and skill set of handling semiconductors to complement the LED industry and its unique challenges. JSI’s expertise and experience customizing supply chains for the LED industry spans multiple markets across the globe.

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Global Transportation Solutions

As a unique product category in itself, JSI understands that advanced LEDs and their raw components have unique requirements throughout the transportation process. Whether your shipments are large or small, need the fastest delivery time to meet production demands or the more cost effective program for stock replenishment, look no further than JSI. By offering a complete portfolio of transportation services geared specifically around your needs, JSI will create a solution that combines your overall goals in terms of cost and delivery time. Find out more about our global transportation services.

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Global Warehousing & Distribution Solutions

JSI strives to create competitive advantages for our customers at each step in the supply chain. One integral part of any successful organization’s supply chain is its finished goods strategic positioning, inventory controls, order fulfillment and reverse logistics program. At JSI, our team works hard to design and implement warehouse and distribution solutions that provide integrated, streamlined and turn-key programs to facilitate the flow of goods throughout the world. From utilizing your ERP system directly on site or integrating our custom developed Warehouse Management System, JSI provides the flexibility companies require to grow their business. Through our customized warehouse and distribution solutions, we help:

  • Improve customer inventory accuracy and product visibility
  • Shorten delivery time to your end customers
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Minimize fixed overhead and tax implications
  • Increase your customers’ overall satisfaction

Customized Value Added Services

Specializing in the advanced LED lighting logistics vertical has allowed JSI to understand the unique supply chain requirements the industry demands. We welcome the opportunity to add value in the back end processes of your supply chain by taking on specialized projects such as:

  • Kitting of multiple SKU’s and units to fulfill a single order
  • Customized labeling, down to the unit level based on end customer requirements
  • Repackaging of returns for back-to-stock inventory
  • Comprehensive returns testing, failure analysis and rework
  • Assembly services, including burn in and final packaging
  • Many other services that can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs
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Global Trade and Governmental Compliance

Trade and governmental compliance are important, yet often overlooked, parts of a successful global supply chain program. There are many components to proper compliance in the supply chain including Customs brokerage, import and export licensing, duty and tax considerations, regionalized compliance mandates such as WEEE in Europe and many others. By actively maintaining a strong partnership, JSI can help your company navigate these complexities in your supply chain and help grow your business.

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