Ecommerce Logistics

Ecommerce Logistics

As a leading global supply chain logistics company with experience in serving the ecommerce sector, JSI understands the unique complexities of this non-traditional business model and the logistics needs surrounding it.

Whether you source products in China or California and need end customer delivery in Singapore or San Francisco, JSI has the capabilities and infrastructure to handle the logistics challenges of both established and emerging ecommerce companies. In the world of ecommerce, we understand that there will be supply demand surges, so we are always prepared to expand or adjust our resources depending on your needs, including moving large quantities of goods quickly and adding more JSI staff to work your orders. We offer a turn-key supply chain logistics model that encompasses global warehousing and distribution, freight forwarding, small package delivery and trade compliance needs.

JSI treats our business relationships as true partnerships; we understand supply chain logistics play a huge role in your business’s success and work hard to customize our services to each customer’s specific needs, delivering scalable solutions that help optimize overall costs and improve supply chain visibility, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our partnerships are successful because we work diligently with our clients to continually improve upon and provide innovative ideas throughout the complete supply chain process.

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Global Warehousing & Distribution Solutions

JSI strives to create competitive advantages for our customers at each step in the supply chain. This advantage is created by working hard to design and implement warehouse and distribution solutions that effectively facilitate the flow of goods throughout the world.

Our global distribution centers are strategically positioned to help minimize cost and fulfillment time in the supply chain. JSI has the right infrastructure, resources and team of professionals throughout the world to receive, inspect, pick, pack and ship your products with a focus on operating efficiently, accurately and with quality processes throughout.

From utilizing your ERP systems directly on site or through integrating our custom developed Warehouse Management System (WMS), JSI provides streamlined programs that make the partnership prosperous.

Through our customized warehouse and distribution solutions, we help:

  • Strategically position your inventory to effectively reduce cost and shorten end customer delivery time
  • Integrate with industry leading platforms such as Shopify, Magento and others to create customized IT integration solutions for a seamless flow of information
  • Quickly adapt to fluctuations in supply and demand with our scalable system
  • Improve inventory accuracy and product visibility
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Minimize fixed overhead and tax implications
  • Increase your customers’ overall satisfaction
  • Streamline quality management through regular KPI reporting

We can also customize services that add further value to your finished goods supply chain program such as:

  • Kitting of multiple SKU’s and units to fulfill a single order
  • Customized labeling, down to the unit level based on end customer requirements
  • Repackaging or rework of returns for back-to-stock inventory
  • Product inspections at time of receipt
  • Other custom tailored services to meet your specific needs

Global Transportation Solutions

Whether your shipments are large or small, need the fastest delivery time or a cost effective program for end consumer deliveries, our complete portfolio of global transportation services has you covered.

Since its inception 35 years ago, JSI has provided a complete portfolio of global freight forwarding services to its customers. With the advent of the ecommerce business model, there has been a need for a vast array of shipping and delivery options that meet required price points and delivery times. Understanding this, JSI has developed strategic partnerships with global courier and ecommerce delivery companies to complement our traditional freight forwarding services to provide all levels of service to fit within your budget. These small package delivery services, coupled with our 30+ years of global freight forwarding experience allows for our customers to experience a unique value proposition.

Where many companies contract out their heavy weight freight (domestic and/or international) and small package delivery needs to multiple different companies, we provide all of these services to our customers under one complete program, managed by JSI, at a lower overall cost basis than might otherwise be achieved due to our economies of scale, strategic partnerships and your ability to manage only one provider.

Global Trade and Governmental Compliance

Trade and governmental compliance can often be overlooked, yet remains an important part of a successful global supply chain program. There are many components to proper compliance in the supply chain including Customs brokerage, import and export licensing, duty and tax considerations and regionalized compliance mandates in Europe and many other countries. As a licensed Customs broker and with many years of experience in global trade compliance matters, JSI can help successfully grow your business by navigating these complexities and fulfilling your needs.

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