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Hong Kong operates as a major hub for shipping and logistics worldwide. Hong Kong is a leading international center for financial services, trade, shipping, and logistics, which helps companies expand their presence not only in the Mainland China market, but also creates a platform to easily launch into the entire Asia market. JSI Logistics can help you with clearance documentation, cargo clearance, and examination, and will walk you through the Hong Kong Trade Declaration Process and Fees.

With a hassle-free tax and regulatory environment, Hong Kong is an appealing location to hold inventory moving to or from Mainland China. JSI’s Hong Kong facility is our Asia Regional Headquarter, and our position as one of the leading Hong Kong logistics companies has continued to grow exponentially. JSI Hong Kong enables companies to achieve a lean supply chain pipeline allowing for quick, efficient and economical movement of products.  JSI Hong Kong maintains a team of professionals who can assist our customers in complying with Hong Kong’s import and export licensing programs.


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Cooperative Arrangements

To strengthen bilateral Customs cooperation against cross boundary offences, the Department has entered into nonbinding Customs cooperative instruments with 18 Customs Administrations since 1991: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Netherlands, the People’s Republic of China, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The HKSAR Government concluded a binding Customs Cooperation Agreement with the European Community [now renamed as European Union (EU)] in 1999 to enhance the cooperation between the Department and the Customs Administrations of the EU member states.

The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department is a part of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Clearance Documentation

The following documents are required to facilitate Hong Kong Customs clearance:

  • Manifest
  • Import/Export license
  • Copy of detention notice (if applicable)
  • Other supporting documents (Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, Invoice, Packing list etc.)

Cargo Clearance and Examination

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is a free port and does not levy any Customs tariff on imports and exports. Additionally, there is no tariff quota or surcharge, or value added and general services taxes. Excise duties are levied only on four types of dutiable commodities, namely liquors, tobacco, hydrocarbon oil and methyl alcohol.

All cargoes imported into or exported from HKSAR via air, land and sea are subject to Customs control. This is primarily completed thorough inspection of documents such as manifests. If necessary, physical examination of goods is conducted on a selective basis.

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Cargo Examination

The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) employs risk management on selection of cargo for examination to ensure Customs intervention at control points is kept to the minimal. To expedite cargo clearance, there are several electronic cargo clearance systems to facilitate submission of advance cargo information by shippers. Below are the cargo clearance systems for air, ground and ocean.

  • Air– the Air Cargo Clearance System (ACCS) enables the C&ED to provide fast Customs clearance service to the legitimate trade without compromising security of the HKSAR.
  • Ground– the Road Cargo System (ROCARS) permits registered shippers (or their authorized agents) to electronically submit advance information, for cargo imported or exported by trucks through land boundary control points (LBCPs), to the C&ED.
  • Ocean– the Electronic System for Cargo Manifests (EMAN) allows carriers to electronically submit manifests, for containerized cargoes transported by oceangoing vessels, before the arrival of shipments.

Hong Kong Trade Declaration Process and Fees

With effect from 1 August 2012, for articles that are imported or exported on or after the date, the declaration charge per import or export declaration will be reduced to the following rates:

Import – Non-food items

  • $0.2 in respect of the first $46,000 of the value of the goods
  • $0.125 in respect of each additional $1,000 or part thereof and rounded up to the nearest 10 cents

Import – Food items

  • $0.2 per declaration irrespective of the value


Goods whether of HKSAR origin or not 1

  • $0.2 in respect of the first $46,000 of the value of the goods
  • $0.125 in respect of each additional $1,000 or part thereof and rounded up to the nearest 10 cents

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